Annex A - Convention signed in Niederweisel on the 13th June 1961

I. All Orders of St. John to-day are dedicated, according to their various Constitutions, to the Christian faith and to the work of caring for the sick and needy. The fulfillment of these tasks is largely exemplified in the establishment and operation of hospitals, welfare institutions, nursing schools, first aid organizations and associations for social aid and care of the sick, and like institutions.

II. The signatory Orders of St. John hereunder mentioned are akin to the older Tongues, respect the ancient rule and its underlying purpose, but are each of them free, independent and autonomous, and they now form an Alliance of Orders of St. John to be known by that description.

The signatory Orders of St. John are as follows:

  • Die Balley Brandenburg des ritterlichen Ordens St. Johannis vom Spital zu Jerusalem
  • The Grand Priory in the British Realm of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem
  • Johanniter Orde in Nederland
  • Johanniterorden i Sverige

With these are to be counted the four Associations in union with the Bailiwick of Brandenburg, namely:

  • Johanniter Ridderskap i Finland
  • Association des Chevaliers de St. Jean, Langue de France
  • Genossenschaft der Johanniterritter in der Schweiz
  • Johannitarend Magyar Tagozata

III. The signatory Orders are firmly of the opinion that the unity of all Orders of St. John is demanded by history, by their faith and by their common purposes and will fortify their international standing, and that if their efforts and labours are to be effective on the international plane these should be carried on shoulder to shoulder and as a common task.

IV. To enable all Orders of St. John to promote the success of the many international tasks which they undertake and with a view to facilitating also the co-ordination of their various activities, the establishment of a suitable joint committee and of a General Secretariat may be envisaged. The realization of this will only be effected by agreement between all Orders at the time members of the Alliance of Orders of St. John hereby established and if circumstances call for it or make it appear expedient. The organization, duties and powers of these bodies will be laid down by special regulations framed by agreement in the same way. In any case the members of this Alliance recognize that regular mutual contact is desirable.

V. Other Orders, associations, or institutions recognized as Orders of St. John by all members of the said Alliance at the time may with the consent of all such members in like manner adhere to this Convention and become members of the said Alliance. &127 Any member of the Alliance of Orders of St. John may withdraw therefrom and from this Convention by giving six months notice in writing of that intention to all other members at the time.

VII. The word "Alliance" used in the heading and text of this Convention has no political meaning and is not to be interpreted in the light of public international law, and no individual Sovereign person is intended to be bound or committed by this Convention.

VIII. This Convention shall be drawn up in the English and German languages and the text in each language shall have equal validity. HEREBY AGREED AND SIGNED by the Orders mentioned in Article II at the meeting of their delegates held at the Commandery of Niederweisel on the 13th June 1961".